Swim 3600m + Derren Brown

AM. Swim 3600m, steady

Steady swim. The pool was fairly quiet when I got in but the fast lanes soon filled up. Blenheim Triathlon’s only six weeks away – the local pools’ll be busy until then.

Derren Brown – Svengali
We went to the New Theatre for Derren Brown’s new show, Svengali. Another excellent spectacle, although it came across as more of a series of one-off stunts, rather than the more cohesive whole that was his last show, Enigma. We still enjoyed it hugely, although there some something missing about the choice of the final set of “random” number that could perhaps have been more dramatic in their choice (the final “reveal” was still as good as ever!). We had a couple of beers afterwards and headed home for a late snack, not ideal preparation for tomorrow’s race.