Cycle 93km. LVRC Epsom Classic RR

Cycle 93km. Epsom Classic Road Race, hard, HR138(170)

Race: 80.5km/2:07 (37.8km/h) __ HR143(170) asc 637m

1. 25:28.7 (37.6km/h) HR144(170)
2. 25:45.0 (37.0km/h) HR143 169)
3. 25:16.8 (37.8km/h) HR143(165)
4. 25:04.5 (38.1km/h) HR142(165)
5. 24:45.4 (38.6km/h) HR144(169)
Fin. 01:02.5 (44.7km/h) HR167(170)

Road racing with veteran ABCs (ages 40 to 54). We were all given a transponder to record our finish, quite sophisticated:

They cost £85 each, so the two races would’ve cost £10k to set up!

I spent 20 minutes or so warming up before joining the start. We had a short neutralized section and then the pace  went up like a rocket. It took me half an hour to adjust my brain to it – the circuit had been changed to one that was fast and pretty flat – there were only a couple of short uphills in it. Once things had settled down a few guys got away in ones and twos and the break eventually became four or five strong, they never got much more than a minute up the road. I was too busy hanging on for dear life in the middle of the bunch to be much worried about what was going on at the sharp end though – my first road race in over 6 months and I lacked the leg speed to do much else. I got to use my top gear (50×11) on a number of occasions; it was ridiculously fast for a vets race and although laps 3 and 4 weren’t quite as hard I was quite glad when we got into the closing lap. There was a touch of wheels as people got tired and a couple of riders hit the deck, but I don’t think they were too badly hurt.

I managed to move up a bit on the last two hills, ready for the sprint to the line. But of course, everyone else had the same idea! We had the break in sight as we turned off the circuit and headed to the finish line although we never quite caught them. I managed a decent enough sprint, finishing 17th, and 5th in my age category. Satisfied with that, it’d been a good workout.