Cycle 124km

PM. Cycle 124km, brisk, HR140(166), asc. 930m

inc. Challenge Henley IM lap:
79.6km/2:38:04 (30.2km/h) __ HR143(166)

Best day of the year so far; quite a breeze but a sunny 21°C. I took the afternoon off work and headed out (in just jersey and bibshorts) for a lap of the Challenge Henley bike course. They’ve re-surfaced some of the A4130, but not the bits I’d hoped they tackle – the descent/climb out of Henley is still a bit of a shocker. I had a good ride though, nice to be out on my RR bike and not worrying about the clatter from mudguards. Seven minutes quicker than my first, winter, lap, and only disturbed by my seatpost slipping down in the frame slightly. I can’t have done the bolt up tightly enough when I assembled this bike the other week, d’oh. No problem though, I only had to stop and hoick it up a couple of times. I could feel a bit of cramp coming on towards the end of the lap, a feeling I’ve not had on the bike since last summer, but relaxed my pedalling and got round OK.