Gorrick MTB XC Spring Series round 4

Cycle/MTB. 23km inc. Gorrick MTB XC Spring Series round 4 (Porridgepot Hill)

5km w/u
Fun race, 2 laps, 13½km __ HR153(168)
Lap 1. 29:17 __ HR149(165)
Lap 2. 25:35 __ HR158(168) __ Total = 54:52, 17th place, from 52 [Results] [Joozle pics]
4km w/d

Drove over to Porridgepot Hill with J for our MTB race. Couldn’t be bothered with 3 laps of the Veteran race with my sore legs so I entered the “Fun” race on the line, just 2 laps. I took the start too cautiously, and unlike the vets race where everyone races off, there was a lot of queuing while riders walked up the hills, bah. It took me most of the first lap to unravel myself from the crowds and get a good run through the forest. After that I had fun, chasing through the woods and ovetaking backmarkers. Jules had a steady ride although someone crashed right in front of her and delayed her a bit.

After a bit of washing the bikes and car when we got home we headed over to the Tandem in Kennington for a burger and a beer, to sit under the picture of me on the tandem with Marky they’ve got hanging on the wall there: