Run 14½km + swim 1500m

AM . Run 14½km/1:14, steady, HR140(158)


Up early-ish for a steady run, carrying a photocopied map of the local area. Damp and cold (and hilly). Got a bit lost, but managed to find my way back to the right roads. Spent a minute or two in Baildon trying to find good places to eat and drink on my way back.

After breakfast we drove over to the Brontë Parsonage, Haworth. After a good look around and a revisiting of the Brontë history we stopped for coffee and teacakes (there are loads and loads of tea shops here) and then spent the afternoon in the Bradford National Media Museum. I was very pleased to see that they had, amongst their exhibits of old console computer games, a working Williams Defender, my favourite arcade game. I wasted a few 10ps here before Jules dragged me away. (A working, restored console went on sale on eBay a few years ago for £1000. I didn’t have the cash spare at the time, but I’d gladly pay that for a decent one now.) We wandered around the cool photographic exhibits before heading back to the hotel.

PM. Swim 1500m, steady easy. Technique

Nice easy swim in the (20m-long) hotel pool. Practising my tumble turns, which wasn’t easy as the pool didn’t have the usual “T” end lane markers etc, so it was difficult to sight the wall.

We walked to Baildon for a good balti curry in the evening We got caught out by the curry house not being licensed,  but no bother, we had a couple of pints elsewhere.