Turbo 30km

AM. Cycle/Turbo 30km, steady, HR139(154)

Gradient +3
Speed 29.2 km/h
Average power 231W
Average cadence 93

Early start, hopped on the turbo for an hour before we packed up and drove north to Yorkshire. Our first stop was Salts Mill. We had some lunch and went for a wander around the Hockneys, it was a cool place (David Hockney was born nearby). After a browse through the extensive bookshop we had a stroll through the nearby park before returning to the branch of AllTerrainCycles we’d spotted. They had some cool bikes and stuff, but the prices were usual bike shop prices.

We drove over to our hotel, booked with Tesco Clubcard vouchers. It looked really expensive, glad we weren’t paying for it! There was a pool, a couple of gyms and bars and a small spa. The only downside is that it’s in the middle of nowhere.