Gorrick MTB XC Spring Series round 2

Cycle/MTB. 31km inc. Gorrick MTB XC Spring Series round 2 (Crowthorne Wood)

5km w/u
Veterans race, 3 laps, 21½km __ HR165(177)
Lap 1. 26:56 __ HR162(175)
Lap 2. 26:25 __ HR166(175)
Lap 3. 26:24 __ HR167(177) __ Total = 1:19:46, 39th place, from 67 [Results] [Joozle pics]
4km w/d

Not quite so nervous for today’s Gorrick, knowing a bit more of what to expect. It was a shame they’d had to move it back from the Heath Warren venue to Crowthorne Woods (again!), but they’d sorted out a decent enough course. The first part of each lap was very fast, and descended into tricky singletrack through the lap, including The Corkscrew. No mud – I didn’t need to wash my bike afterwards.

I started steadily enough remembering to get a decent warm-up this time (although that left me trapped at the back for the first sprint off the line). I wasn’t too worried and as things strung out a bit I started to pick off faster starters in laps 2 and 3. I’d put a bit more air in my forks and they weren’t bottoming out, although I think the rebound needs slackening off a bit to compensate – they weren’t always following the ground after the big drop-offs. My last lap was (just) my fastest, certainly I’d tried hardest there. No crashing this time, I enjoyed it.

Jules had a good race in the “fun” category too, so we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves on the drive home.