Cycle 34km + broken rib

AM. Cycle 34km, easy Otmoor lap HR107(138)

I rolled over in the night a  bit awkwardly and felt the rib I’d hurt last in weekend’s MTBing snap! I didn’t get much sleep after that, it was very painful.

After we’d got up, I realised coughing and bending down was rather tricky – it was worse than the original injury last week. It’d been a bit sore after Friday’s erg but I’d not given it much thought other than that. I was lucky it hadn’t happened before yesterday’s audax. I guess I must’ve slept too heavily on it last night.

We had some breakfast, I downed some painkillers and got ready for an easy road ride. I’d bought Jules a winter jacket as a late xmas present last week (an Endura Equipe – it seems to be a new road range, and even has a separate website) and had promised her we’d try it out at the weekend. Although Jules wasn’t sure I should be out and about as I could hardly get my shoes on (!), we managed an easy lap of the old Otmoor road race circuit. I found standing up on the pedals tricky, but otherwise it was OK. Time to take it easy. (The jacket passed with flying colours, it looks cool and kept J warm.)

Pat Kenny
I was shocked to learn of the death of Pat Kenny, aged 71. On Friday he was run over on the A38, near Burton (newspaper report). Although I didn’t know him personally he was a legendary mile-eater and tricyclist (he once held the tricycle end-to-end record) and seemed sure to be the first person to ride a million miles in a lifetime (he was up to 909, 000, as far as I know, and still riding +20,000 miles a year – 55 miles a day average!). Very sad, although I have to wonder what he was doing on the A38 in the middle of the afternoon – it’s a fearsomely fast road with very little “shoulder” – although the section he was on has very few alternatives that a cyclist could use and I suppose he’d got used to nipping along there. (I know I’ve ridden short (half mile) sections of the A34 to get conveniently from point to point.) I offer many condolences to all who knew him.