Erg 12km inc. 10km TT

Lunchtime. Erg 12km, inc. 10km for the C2 Challenge Series

1km w/u

10km: 37:43.9 (1:53.3) __ r24 ___ HR160(170)
2000m. 7:29.7 (1:52.4) __ r24
4000m. 7:33.4 (1:53.3) __ r23
6000m. 7:33.6 (1:53.4) __ r24
8000m. 7:35.4 (1:53.8) __ r24
10000m. 7:31.7 (1:52.9) _ r25

1km w/d

The plan was to set off at 1:52-ish and settle at 1:54 for a sub-38 minute time, but I felt better than that in the warm-up so I settled with 1:53 and the occasional 1:54 showing on the monitor. I had a massive twinge in my back after 1600m that’ll live with me for a few more days yet, ouch. The split started to get away from me at around the 7000m mark and I took a few slower, longer, strokes there to get some relaxation into it and managed to bring in a reasonable last 2000m to sneak under 37:45. I’m pretty happy with that – my recent best is around 37:35 for this distance, before I hurt my back last winter.