Run 9km + Erg 6k (inc. 2k test) + OCRC dinner

AM. Run 9km/42, steady, HR153(165)

Set the alarm early and headed out into the freezing cold. There was a light dusting of snow and a few flakes still falling from the sky. I worked a bit too hard to be honest, but it was good to be out before the world was properly awake.

We nipped into town, did a bit of Christmas shopping, went to a craft fair, that sort of thing, and then headed back home to read the paper. We’re starting to think about decorating the kitchen/diner. Most of the work is finished – it needs some paint on the walls. It looks like a couple of days work – there’s some prep to do and so on – and I’m keen to get it done as soon as possible. We’ve noticed our super-dooper new floor has a couple of errors in it, so Kennington Flooring won’t be getting paid until they come back and fix that!

I hopped on the erg again, second time in two days – my own one this time – to get a time on the board for the Concept 2 Challenge 2km.

PM. Erg 6km inc. C2 Challenge 2km

2½km w/u
2000m: 7:11.8 (1:47.9) r27 ___ HR163(170)
1½km w/d

First time I’ve used the new PM3 in anger. I was pleased to see that it works OK, and the Polar heart rate interface works OK too with my coded chest belt (the old PM2 never did). As for the 2k test itself, the less said the better! I set off at what I thought was a conservative 1:46/1:47 pace, but got quite close to blowing up with 600m to go and had to row a couple of hundred metres at a steadier rate before picking it up again for the 200m sprint to the line. I reckon I might have to have another go at that before the month’s out – I’m going to be busy!

OCRC club dinner
We went to my cycling club dinner in the evening. Yet another new venue – Kirtlington Golf Club. The meal was excellent and the venue ideal (I see they also have a cafe – it might make a nice cafe stop for a summer ride). We had a great time and didn’t get away until just after 11pm. I’d picked up a few trophies for my year’s efforts, very happy with that. There were plenty of people to chat to and plans were made for the coming year.

It was pretty late by the time we got home. I had a glass of wine and Jules a sobering cup of tea before we headed for bed – Jules will have to watch Strictly on Sunday (I’d recorded it for her)