Rest day – hip problems again

I woke up with my right hip (the one I’d bashed falling off at Aston Hill four weeks ago), very sore and swollen. I popped into town at lunchtime to get a replacment spoke from BikeZone, but it was very sore and “hot” and I started to feel like I had a fever – pins and needles in my fingers and a fuzzy head and so on. This was not a good sign – I’d had a secondary infection in 2003 when I broke my arm, and that ended up being very serious.

I rang my GP surgery to try and get an emergency appointment, but they couldn’t get me one until tomorrow morning and I wasn’t feeling too good – tired and fluey, so Jules got me to ring NHS Direct instead. After a couple of calls, they decided my situation was serious enough for me to see a GP and arranged and out-of-hours appointment at the surgery on Manzil Way.

Jules drove me over, and the GP there explained that my hip had probably flared up because I’d used it so much lately. After the bruising had died down, there would probably have been some residual fluid floating around outside the joint and in the Bursa around it. This had become mobile and the enzymes and so on that were attacking  it were causing the inflammation (Bursitis). I’m feeling rough because my immune system is having to deal with all this inflammation. He gave me a prescription for a week’s antibiotics and advised me to stay off my feet for a bit and take a few paracetamol.

We got my ‘scrip filled at the nearby chemists and then bought pie and chips for dinner on the way home. (Work on the kitchen has stalled at the moment, we’re waiting for an internal window and door and the tiling – we have a working fridge, oven, microwave, cooker, sink, but we couldn’t be bothered to cook.)