MTB 39km, Swinley Forest

AM. Cycle, MTB 39km, steady, HR135(167)

Jules was doing a social ride with Dirt Divas in Swinley Forest. It was looking like a good day, sunny but cold, so I packed my mountain bike and came along, to explore the area, see what it had to offer.

I had a good time faffing about, and after I’d got over the realisation that, unlike Wales, the beginning and ends of the singletracks weren’t signposted, I was able to follow some good routes. Occasionally I found someone to follow, and sometimes there were riders coming the other way. After about two hours I crested a rise to find Jules’ group taking a breather at the top. I said hello and then followed them down the first bit of the route they were following before branching off on my own again. I knew that they were heading back to the car park after 3 hours riding, so I made my way back across the Forest, via a few more singletrack paths, roughly following the direction the GPS was giving me (whole route here – GPS doesn’t include all the twists and turns, so it’s a bit short).

I think I’d ridden most of the decent trails the area has to offer and I was certainly tired enough when I got back to the car park. I was glad to see there was a bike wash so I was able to hose down our bikes before we stopped for a coffee and a chat with the rest of the riders. They were keen for Jules to race with them in a few weeks time, at a Gorrick event in Crowthorne Woods, so we might be well be back there soon.

[EDIT: found this from the Singletrack forum later- looks like I have some more to cover yet!]