Run 14km + Benjamin Francis Leftwich

PM. Run 14km/65 steady, HR144(153)

Came home to find a gaping hole where our old garden door used to be, into the conservatory – Seamus had been and knocked it through. Looks like he’s done a good, neat job. We hoovered up a bit and then I went for a steady run. Left heel/achilles still a bit sore.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich
I spotted he was playing a gig at the Jericho Tavern tonight and although I knew nothing about him we’d not been to the Jericho for some time. Listening to the sample of his music on Myspace it sounded intriguing, a definite influence of Elliot Smith there, so we cycled across town to listen. He was absolutely captivating – it was a brilliant performance, his last of his current tour. He’s got an EP out on Monday – we’ll be sure to buy it. We managed to have a quick chat to him after the gig, across a pint, found out a bit more about him. He’s got a fantastic sound, I hope it works out well for him.