MTB 8km + 13km

AM. MTB/8km Aston Hill XC, HR148(165)

Jules was off out the door early for her trip to Bath and I got up soon after and packed the mountain bike into the back of the car for a trip over to Aston Hill MTB centre. We’d has some overnight rain, so I was hoping it wasn’t too slippy. I’d booked a day’s pass, so I figured I’d better go. Unfortunately I was to be disappointed – it was rooty and slippy as hell. The bits that weren’t covered in slippy roots were slimy chalk. I struggled a bit with the opening downhill section, a red run, and then stacked it rather badly on the small section of boardwalk. I brushed the rear brake to steady the bike for the final drop-off and it just went from under me. I smacked my right hip quite badly, but apart from that I was OK. I met a downhiller guy here, pushing back up, who I’d seen getting his bike out of his car earlier. He asked me if I was OK and agreed that it was dodgy as anything. I rode on around the rest of the cross-country loop which wasn’t quite as bad as the first bit but I was still gettting thrown around by the roots and lack of grip. The cross-country loop isn’t the most inspiring, they’ve managed to squeeze it inbetween the downhill tracks and it either climbs or descends steeply or traverses the slope. I caught up with another group of riders taking a breather on the loop. I stopped for a chat – they were on the point of giving up, but followed me back to the car park. I decided to call it a day and packed up for home

Lunchtime. MTB/13km Shotover, HR135(164)

Although I was pretty sore by the time I’d got home I’d only done 45 minutes riding so I got the bike out and went for a quick burn around Shotover, managing three laps around the perimeter MTB track in 11:29, 10:49  and 10:45. Then it was time to head for home and some lunch.

Winnebago Deal
We went out to a gig at The Regal in the evening. There were quite a few heavy metal type bands on the bill – five in all, of which my favourites, Winnebago Deal, were on at 8:30pm. After they’d finished their set we’d kind of had enough of the noise and headed back home for the comfort of our sofa!