Rest day: Murdo Macleod + London cycle show + The Magic Numbers

Murdo Macleod

Off to London bright and early on the bus. My first stop was the Guardian newspaper building in King’s Cross to see an exhibition of photographs by Murdo Macleod. His name appears so often in the Guardian, and the pictures are always so inventive, that I thought it would be good see them on a grander scale. The journey was relatively uneventful and I got there just after 10am. The exibition was arranged around the walls of the foyer:

There were some excellent portraits. I’d had a slight suspicion that Murdo Macleod was someone I’d worked with in Blackwell’s Edinburgh office some years ago. He’d left the company at about the same time I became aware of the photographer. However, there was a short biography of the man in the show guide, and it was clearly not the Murdo I knew.

Cycle Show 2010

Then a travelled across town to Earl’s Court for this year’s Cycle Show. I was keen to see the new products and bling bikes and clothing, and also pleased to have heard that Mario Cipollini was going to be there. Mario was on stage fairly early on and I got over to the stage area to see what he had to say. Although there was an obvious language barrier (he had an interpreter), there was some good-natured banter about his sprinting days and he was also at the bike show to promote his new range of bikes. There was some autograph signing after the interview, but I’d forgotten to bring him anything to sign, so I contented myself with a few pics.

I wandered around the rest of the show. There was quite a lot to see, and although I think it wasn’t as big as I was expecting, it still took me quite a while to get around it all. I took quite a few photos of all the new time trial bikes and disc wheels and so on, and ended up in the small retail section where I bought a new BBB race cape to replace my aging Assos “tea bag”.

The Magic Numbers

I caught the bus home soon after 3pm. Once I was home, I didn’t have the energy for anything much before we headed out to see the Magic Numbers at the Zodiac. We stopped off for a pint on the way and somehow contrived to miss the support act: Danny and the Champions of the World, oops. The Magic Numbers were good after a slow start, and although they did a rather forgettable cover of “A Forest” (The Cure) they redeemed themselves with an excellent rendition of “Dancing in the Dark” (Bruce Springsteen) and some other great songs from their own collection.