Mountain biking

PM. MTB ~14km around Shotover with J, HR113(158).

I’d quite like to have gone out for a run this morning, but it was wet out and my left heel’s still a bit stiff (although it eases up through the day).

I’ve got a new mountain bike and it was a sunny evening so it seemed churlish not to go out and get it dirty ;-) We did a couple of laps up and around Shotover, and then a loop of Brasenose Woods to finish. The new bike was great. Everything about it is so much nicer than my old Specialized (and even than the Giant XTC I had a few years ago). The only thing that really needs changing is the riser bars – the inside of my palms were aching by the end – I’ve got some new ones on order already.

Washed the old Specialized when I got home, it’ll be up for sale on the local noticeboards imminently.