Erg 11km – CTC pyramid + new MTB

Lunchtime. Erg 11km, inc. C2CTC pyramid (100m, 200m,…  900m, … 100m) with 45 sec rec. Hard, HR 149(172)

1½km w/d
1. 100m ___ 19.9 ____ (1:39.5) __ r36
2. 200m ___ 41.1 ____ (1:42.8) __ r29
3. 300m ___ 1:02.7  __ (1:44.5) __ r28
4. 400m ___ 1:23.2 __ (1:44.0) __ r29
5. 500m ___ 1:46.8 __ (1:46.8) __ r27
6. 600m ___ 2:08.8 __ (1:47.3) __ r27
7. 700m ___ 2:31.6 __ (1:48.3) __ r27
8. 800m ___ 2:54.6 __ (1:49.1) __ r26
9. 900m ___ 3:17.9 __ (1:49.9) __ r26
10. 800m __ 2:56.6 __ (1:50.4) __ r26
11. 700m __ 2:34.0 __ (1:50.0) __ r26
12. 600m __ 2:11.1 __ (1:49.3) __ r27
13. 500m __ 1:48.7  _ (1:48.7) __ r28
14. 400m __ 1:25.7 __ (1:47.1) __ r29
15. 300m __ 1:03.1 __ (1:45.2) __ r30
16. 200m __ 41.0 ____ (1:42.5) __ r34
17. 100m __ 19.8 ____ (1:39.0) __ r39
Total = 29:06.6 (av. 1:47.8) __ HR154(172)
1½km w/d

A bit of a bonkers CTC this one. It would help if I had a more advanced PM3 monitor on my erg, then I could program the entire pyramid. As it is, I had to use the second hand of a kitchen clock to time my rest periods and re-set the interval distance at the same time (whilst remembering to write down the split of the interval I’d just finished!). That wasn’t too bad at the beginning and end of the session, but in the middle where I was recovering from 3 minutes of solid effort, my brain was struggling. I think I hit my rest periods OK though [edit: just checked and the session took me 20 seconds less time that it should’ve done – I clearly mis-calculated the recoveries!]. According to my heart rate, it’s the 800, 700 and 600 intervals that were hardest, but I’d started a bit too fast and in every one on the way back down, the last 50-60m I was just hanging on.

This is still a mega-session – a mix of sprinting and speed endurance. I think I could probably squeeze under 29 minutes if I were to use the second half splits as a guideline for the first half and then try to wind it up a bit more through those cruicial 800, 700 and 600 on the way back.

We’re getting more of these mixed-interval challenges for the CTC, and although they are more interesting, they are a PITA to do with my simple PM2, so I decided to put a bid on a PM3 on eBay, and have a bit of an upgrade.

Boardman mountain bike
Went over to Aylesbury to pick up my Boardman MTB after work. Man, it’s nice. There was some deal going on whereby if you spent £20 on accessories, you got a voucher for another £20. I didn’t need anything right now though (although I have my eye on a Lunar 35 front light –  £20 off that would make it a good deal), and managed to pursuade the lad that as I’d just spent £1000, it seemed a bit steep to have me pay another £20 got get the voucher, so he gave me the voucher anyway ;-). Just to check it was OK, I rode it around the carpark.

Back home, I checked the bike against the spec. sheet. Everything’s there, even down to the correct size and number of spacers on the handlebar stem. I took off the reflectors (and bell!), adjusted the saddle and handlebar heights, fitted my SPDs and took it for a quick spin up and down the road. It’s nice and light, I’m looking forward to taking it out. I might fit a flat handlebar though – I’m no fan of wide riser ‘bars.

After that I had to head off for my cycling club committee meeting. Nothing too radical. A few updates for me to the website to do, that was about it. My frame, wheels and tyres on eBay had sold while I was out so I packed them up, ready to take to the Parcelforce depot tomorrow lunchtime. The Ribble winter frame and forks sold for almost exactly what I paid for it a year ago, so I’ve had a year’s use out of it for pennies.