Swim 2400m + Cycle 34km, new bike!

AM. Swim 2400m steady

More technical stuff. Getting better with my tumble turns. Confident enough to give them a go in the shallow end. I kept putting my left hand on the bottom though, that’s not good. I worked on not flapping my arms about so much and using the flip of my legs to drive the turn. Worked OK. Also did 250m of breaststroke (good, but it was my specialist stroke when I was a kid) and 250m of backstroke (rubbish, my arms gave out after about 150m, they aren’t used to pulling on the water in that direction!)

PM. Cycle 34km Otmoor, steady HR130(156)

The new winter bike has been sorted and although it was a perishingly cold evening by recent standards, I just had to get out for a ride on it. First impressions: (a) where the old Ribble would thud over any road imperfections, this one rattles like a tin can (how thin are the tubes?), and (b) damn it’s a nice ride, like my old Colnago C50 – firm yet compliant. As good a ride as my old 853 race bike, it’s going to be fun getting the miles in on this. The gears were a bit out of line, but I was having too good a time to be bothered to adjust them until I got back home.