Run 13½km + new car radio

PM. Run 13½km/64 steady, HR 150(160)

Steady plod. Legs starting to come back to life from last week, and it was quite warm out. I still have a touch of Plantar Fasciitis in my left heel though. It’ll need some careful stretching.

Did some HR tests before I went out, just to see the difference after giving blood last Friday. Heart rates slightly elevated (and the monitor thought I was overtrained ;-) ). Previous values in brackets.

Heart rate tests
Rest HR = 47[46]
Orthostatic (standing) HR = 59[55]
Polar Ownindex (~VO2max) = 57[57]
HRmax = 177[177]

New car radio
I also had a new car radio fitted to my old Mondeo at Halfords today. Nothing too expensive, but it was nice to be able to play with the radio stations on the way back across town after I’d picked it up. It has all sorts of connectivity options – from USB sticks to mp3 CDs and memory cards – that should keep it future-proofed. The old radio/CD player had never worked – when I bought the car the seller didn’t have the radio security code for it (they usually expire if you take the battery out, so he must’ve fitted a new battery shortly before putting the car on the market). The local Ford dealer had quoted me £20 to “take the radio out and check what model it was so they could work out the code”. However, when Halfords handed me back the old radio I discovered the code number was written in felt-tip pen on the back of the unit! Glad I didn’t pay £20 for that.