Run 9km + blood donation

AM. Run 9km/45 easy steady, HR145(152)

Just an easy run before work to get it out of the way before I gave blood. Legs (especially the left one, as usual) still feeling a bit wooden.

Blood donation
Gave another pint of blood at lunchtime, and although the test drop was slow to fall in the test solution I had no problems, my 23rd donation. They were very keen for me to become a platelet donor, something that’s been mentioned before. They took a sample, to see if I’d be suitable. I have to say though, they I’m not desparately keen, it would mean donating at least eight times a year, for 90 minutes a time. I worry about the amount of scarring to my veins (although I suppose that’s not such a problem). It would be better for me as an athlete though – the red blood cells are recycled and your haematocrit isn’t lowered like it is for a “regular” donation.

We had the builder round again to discuss our new kitchen fitting and a few more details. Looks like they’ll start work on 1st November – exciting! Spent the rest of the evening swapping chainsets, front mechs and chainrings around. Finally I have an external bottom bracket system on my race bike! Jules’ winter bike also got a handed-down Campagnolo compact chainset and front mech, and my training bike got another external bottom bracket/chainset combo. Quite a lot of work. I have a Campag compact chainset and B/B spare now. Not sure yet whether I’ll flog them or keep them as spares.