Erg 8km inc. CTC 10x1min + Pembroke-London

Lunchtime. Erg 8km, inc. CTC 10x1min (1min rec.), Hard, HR141(172)

3km w/u
1. 300m __ r32
2. 300m __ r31
3. 301m __ r32
4. 301m __ r32
5. 301m __  r32
6. 302m __ r33
7. 302m __ r33
8. 301m __ r33
9. 301m __ r33
10. 303m __ r34. Total = 3012m (1:39.6) __ HR max 172
2km w/d

Good session. Much more confident than last week, I’d upped the drag factor to 140 to give each stroke a bit more oomph. The last few intervals were a bit iffy, but I got through them OK. I did some heart rate tests before I climbed on the erg, good results. However lackadaisical I’m feeling, I’m still pretty fit:

Heart rate tests
Rest HR = 46
Orthostatic (standing) HR = 55
Polar Ownindex (~VO2max) = 57
HRmax = 177

Took the afternoon off work. Faffed about reading the rest of Laurent Fignon’s autobiography, and then cycled up to Green Road roundabout to watch Ralph Dadswell and Paul Mace come through on their Road Records Association record attempt, from Pembroke to London (245 miles) in less than 11h 42min 5s on a tandem trike. They’d picked a great day – there was a huge wind blowing them along.

I took a bidon of cold flat coke for them, in case I got the opportunity to chat, and a camera to record the action. While I was standing there, an old boy from the Veterans Cycling Club came over and introduced himself. He was also waiting for them. I think he said his name was Jim (I asked him his name twice and still forgot it, I am so crap with names!). We had a bit of a chat about cycling in Oxford in general, turned out we knew quite a few people in common.
Me and Jim (VCC) waiting
A bit of rain was starting to fall, and Jim headed off around the corner to cheer them on from further down the London Road. At 15:52, slightly behind their earlier fast pace but still ahead of the record, Ralph and Paul hoved into view, weaving their way through the traffic (not easy on a tandem trike, I should imagine). There was a truck between me and them as the lights went green, and they went around the outside of it. I managed to give them a good shout of encouragement and fired off a few random photos.
Pembroke-London Pembroke-London Pembroke-London  More HERE
After the following car came through and waved, I turned to see if I could find Jim, but he’d disappeared off up the road. I pedalled back home against the wind down the cycle track  and uploaded my pictures, and posted a report on the timetrialling forum. I heard later that they beat the old record by 7 minutes with  11h 34m 58s, good going!

Went shopping in the evening. A massive rainstorm had passed through and the light in the sky (with a rainbow) was beautiful. Bought some peanut butter – the end of the racing season cometh!