Cycle 36km + racing photo in The Tandem pub

PM. Cycle 36km, steady easy, HR 118(143)

Steady ride out through Kennington to Cumnor and back. I’d taken this route because Marky had heard that there was a picture of the pair of us on the wall of a pub in Kennington called The Tandem. (A pun, as obviously, the pub gets its name from the method of harnessing two horses, not a bicycle made for two. There used to be a picture of the horses on the pub sign, but that’s gone now).

I stopped by the pub on the way home and after asking the barman, found the picture on a wall. It must’ve been downloaded from the ‘net and blown up to 4 feet wide, and is very cool! The guy sitting under the picture (off to the right), when I told him it was me on the front on the tandem, asked me if I’d come far to see the picture (eh? I’ve got Oxford City written all over in the photo, and today I was riding in an OCRC top). He seemed disappointed to hear I’d only ridden over from Cowley.