Trike 10-mile TT championship, 2nd

PM. Trike 35km. TA 10-mile championship, course K41/10

16km w/u
10miles: 24:52 (38.9km/h/24.1mph) __ HR171(176)
3½km w/d

A very blowy day for the Tricycle Association 10-mile Championship (The “Jenny Noad”). I got to the HQ in plenty of time to do a decent warm up as I’d not done much riding this week. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle the trispokes with the wind blowing across the course, but warming up and down the road didn’t seem too bad, so I put them on for the TT.

I was very nervous (!), and set off way too fast, blowing up with still 4 miles left to ride, yuk. I don’t ride enough 10-mile TTs to be able to judge them well – these days I think I’ll just be able to blast them, but of course, the effort still has to be measured. I managed to recover a bit on the last descent before the finish to be able to muster a bit of a sprint to the line, but I could probably have been 10 or 20 seconds faster if I hadn’t gone out so hard. I used to ride loads of evening club 10s, but I’ve got out of the habit lately. Something for next year, perhaps – I’d like to get my club 10-mile trike record below 23 minutes.

Carl Saint was in a league of his own, finishing with a short 23, but I’d come second, just pipping Ralph Dadswell by a few seconds. It was good to catch up with some familiar faces over a cup of tea at the prize-giving, and I discussed a few modifications I’d like Geoff Booker ( to carry out on the brakes and gears on my trike over the winter.