Run 9½km: Mota-vation race 5

PM. Run 9½km, inc. Midweek Mota-vation race 5

2km w/u
4 miles 47 yds (6.48km) = 26:05 (6:28 min/mile) __ HR159(174)
Mile splits = 6:40/6:40/6:20/6:15+0:10
1km w/d

I cycled over to the Oxford Harlequins race HQ not sure how this one was going to go. I wanted to take a steady approach so I lined up near the middle of the field. This paid dividends, as I managed a very negatively-splitted race, rather than my usual start-fast-and-die. The first downhill mile at 6:40 pace almost felt like a jog and I only started racing once I’d gone well past the second mile marker. Really pushed the pace on the last mile back to the HQ, and very pleased with the result, especially as my ankle felt OK in my less-supportive Asics DS racer/trainers.