Swim 3200m + Club 10-mile TT

AM. Swim 3200m, steady

Decent enough swim, only interrupted when somebody much slower got into my lane swimming breaststroke, and as I tried to overtake them, they accidentally booted me in the face.

I took delivery of my new winter training/audax frame and forks today – a Ti Sportive from Planet-X. It’s a lot of money for just a training frame, but it’s one of the cheaper titanium bikes around and seems like a good deal. I’ve only had my Ribble a year, but I’ve never enjoyed riding it as much as my old 853 winter bike, so I’m hoping this new acquisition will be better. I’m looking forward to building it up over the next week or so.

PM. Cycle 60km, inc. Club 10-mile TT Eynsham, Course CC140

27km ride over to the event, w/u
10 miles: 23:49 __ HR161(167)
17km ride home

Not one of my better evening time trials. I think I tried a bit too hard to early on then struggled on the way back from the turn. It was a nice evening though, calm and sunny. Mark Jones (OCRC) and Sam (Zappi’s) were streets ahead of the rest of us. Started to get very cold as I was riding back home.

Photo by Steve Avery

Temple Cowley Pools
Looks like my local pool is going to be closed after all “Pool to close despite battle“. The local campaign has lost its battle to keep them open. I (and the people from my area) will have further to traval for a swim. This is bad news, but maybe the new pool they’re opening will be OK (and not too far away!).

Laurent Fignon
“The Professor” has died of cancer, aged 50. This makes me sad, he was one of the main characters in the peloton when Channel 4 first started covering the Tour de France, and he won it twice (as well as the Giro d’Italia and other big one-day classics), although he is most famous for losing the 1989 Tour by 8 seconds, to Greg Lemond in the final time trial. He seemed like a cool guy, and it’s a shame he’s died so young (I had no idea he was still in his early 20s when he was winning all those races!). I have yet to read his book We Were Young and Carefree; I don’t expect many insights, but I am curious nevertheless. (He got his nickname because he wore those round glasses, by the way – imaginative bunch, cyclists!) There’s a good portfolio of photos from his career in L’Equipe, and many tributes on Cyclingnews.com. You can see the affection in his old buddy Bernard Hinault’s eyes here, when Fignon was making one of his last public appearances, commentating at this year’s Tour.