Team Sanjan Design 10-mile TT

PM. Trike 34km inc. Team Sanjan Design 10-mile TT, course F2A/10

12km w/u
10 miles: 24:09 (24.85mph/39.98km/h) __ HR168(176)
6km w/d

1st trike [although the other trike was a DNS :( ]

A hellishly windy, humid day for this time trial. I spent the morning faffing about with my bikes and wheels and so on, and then drove over to the event, near Cambridge. As soon as I got the trike out of the back of the car and rode it up and down the road I realised there was a problem with the gears – the rear required loads of force to shift – the cable was snagged somehow (I thought it might have some gunk somewhere in the cable run. left over from the 12-hour TT, but I’d washed it pretty thoroughly). The wheels were also making a dreadful clacking sound. I got on with warming up as best I could, working the gear lever to see if that would free it up at all.

Off the start, we were quickly out on to the course – a fairly new one, I think, this is a sparkly new bit of dual carriageway. There was a huge cross/headwind, blowing from the left, and not much in the way of trees to provide shelter. My three trispokes were proving a bit of a handful, even with the relatively “slack” geometry of the trike, and not having the slickest of gear changes was a bit of a handicap. I started to feel like I was about to blow even before I got to the turn, but managed to keep it all together (and the trike in a straight line) back to the timekeeper. Hard work!

TeamSanjanDesign10 Starting effort. Photo by Dave Jones, Cambridge CC

Not a brilliant time for what is a potentially fast course. I think the handling of the trike on this windy day was more than the usual handicap that it sometimes is. (Also a good photo from Sara Brooke Photography HERE)

I picked up some brand new Mavic Ksyriums on the way home from an advertiser on the TT forum, and made quick progress back home – I wanted to sort out those gears before tomorrow.

Once I was home I got the trike out and saw that lowering the bar after the “12” had crimped the gear cable outer slightly and messed up the way it changed. I was about to set about cutting a new gear cable outer to length when my lovely Park cable cutters snapped:

I had to bodge a repair with another section of spare outer that was about the right length and just about managed to get everything working OK and the bar re-taped before packing the trike back into the car for tomorrow’s event.

There was just time for a quick shower and we we off into town to celebrate a friends 40th birthday.