Erg 9km inc. C2CTC 3x1km + Ashmolean Museum

PM. Erg 9km, inc. C2CTC 3x1km (2min rec.)

4km w/u
1km 3:36.8 (1:48.4) __ r27 __ HR157(167)
1km 3:36.2 (1:48.1) __ r29 __ HR160(167)
1km 3:35.4 (1:47.7) __ r29 __ HR163(173) __ Total: 10:48.4 (1:48.1)
2km w/d

Jules managed to get out for a 5-mile run in the morning, but I had the blahs and sat about reading the paper, drinking tea. After lunch, and in-between stormy downpours we cycled into town for a look around the new Ashmolean. We mostly took in the newer European art sections. Since the refurbishment they seem to have spaced out the exhibits a bit more so it’s more manageable to look at. The new galleries out the back are very impressive, and you could spend quite a bit of time going round it all.

After a bit of shopping in the covered market and a snack we headed home and I sat on the erg for the first time in 5 weeks to post a time for this month’s CTC challenge. I had Ian Dowgill’s 10:51.1 as a target  – he was fastest in the Independent boat. I cruised the first 1km interval but the next two were not so straightforward – I’ve not bumped my heart rate up that high for a couple of weeks. The erg is always a stiff test, and I must do more of it. My tweaked knee stood up OK and I don’t seem to have any after-effects from yesterday’s elliptical run. Good news.