MTB to Abingdon + einstürzende neubauten

Collapsing new buildings
After our morning cup of tea I checked the garage – half the bikes were in a heap – one of the boards holding five of them had come off the wall. Bad news. After a strong coffee I tackled the mess. It took a bit of sorting out, but I decided to tidy up the whole garage space while I was at it and ended up making quite a bit more room with all the bikes stacked against the wall, the way they’d been the day before, but with the rest of the space more sorted out. The hooks that remained proved useful for hanging my spare wheels from.

MTB 30km to Abingdon and back. HR99(128)
Sorting that lot out delayed our mountain bike ride to Abingdon, but we finally got out the door at 11:45 for a spin round the ring road cycle track and off down the towpath. It wasn’t looking so great outside – grey skies. Jules was trying out her new SPD pedals. We stopped in Abingdon for a coffee and a muffin before heading back home.

Aero hats
I spent a bit of time in the afternoon trying out various aero hats and photographing the differences. I’d recently acquired a Kask aero lid and was keen to see how it compared to my ginormous (size “large”) Giro Advantage. The Kask is a big helmet “one size fits all”, and for once, it does just about fit my oversized bonce OK – it’s a tighter fit that the large Giro. I can’t decide which is more aero though. Originally I’d though the Kask to be slightly slimmer fitting than the Giro, but looking at the photographs, there’s not much in it. The Kask has a visor, which is good, but it seems to be a slightly larger design. Neither are anywhere near as good as the old Guru aero-shell I’ve got though.

Slide show HERE. I also need to work out which is best with a camelbak on my back – I already know that the Guru, with its long tail, is virtually unwearable with one.