Rest day – Bletchley Park

We drove over to Bletchley Park in the morning. I’ve not been before and we were curious to see the code-breaking exhibits. We did a guided tour which was very informative (although a bit wet – quite a bit of it was outside in the rain) and learnt quite a lot about the “Bombe” and “Colossus”, even if we didn’t entirely understand how the codes were broken ;-). We had a spot of lunch in the canteen there, before wandering around an exhibit on double-agents and another on pigeons as messengers. You could’ve wasted even more than the +4 hours we spent, there was masses of stuff to see.

We finished off the day with a couple of hours wandering around the Milton Keynes shopping centre – scoping out a few more cookers and hobs at John Lewis and admiring the bikes and kit at Evans Cycles –  before heading back home.