Rest day – 12-hour prep

Day off. I could’ve gone out for an easy spin, but it was a bit showery outside, so I settled for some trike fettling – raising the bars a few cm, back to where I had them for last year’s Icknield 12 (I always keep a note of bike dimensions and so on), and adding bottle cages. It doesn’t look like it’ll be super-hot, so I’ll be using a camelbak, rather than an extra couple of bottle cages behind the saddle (which are never very secure). Down to Tesco to pick up some bottled water and lucozade and so on, and then it’ll be time to make up my supplies for the day and drive to the Travelodge I’ve booked near the start.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Although I’ve missed some training due to my ankle injury, it looks like a 12-hour course that should suit me – flat and boring ;-).