Rest day + Tomorrow we ride

Didn’t feel like doing much today. It was a bit showery outside (although not that bad by the evening). We’d spent the lunchtime in the pub, celebrating Jules’ birthday (although it’s actually tomorrow) caught by a downpour outside, which probably didn’t help get me out the door after work.

I sat down and read quite a bit of Tomorrow we ride by Jean Bobet, brother of Louison Bobet, the triple Tour de France champion. Another birthday present from Jules. I hadn’t realised that although the pictures in it are quite old, it was actually written fairly recently and so has a more modern feel to it than I was expecting. It’s a good read. Difficult to imagine what the riding conditions were like in the 1950s though.

My left ankle’s getting much stronger. I’m hardly limping on it at all now, and the pain and swelling’s gone down. The achilles tendon on that side feels sore from taking a bit too much strain, I think, but I’m looking forward to going out running again, maybe in two or three weeks time.