Cycle 56km + Company “Recreation day” at Wittenham clumps

AM. Cycle 21km, easy, HR115(143)

PM. Cycle 35km, easy, HR118(146)

Northmoor Trust
Spent the day at the Northmoor Trust, Wittenham Clumps as part of one of our company’s recreation days. These are a free day off work, and you have to do some sort of organized activity (although the “activity” can be fairly free-form, e.g., wine tasting, playing frisbee in the park, going to see a show, etc.) as a group, and the company subsidises it £30 each. I’d decided to do this volunteer day at the Trust with one group. As it was mostly a free day, all but£5 of our subsidy (to cover the lunch) was going directly to the Trust (it’s a charity).

I cycled over to the centre on my town bike (single speed, 66-inch gear), with a change of clothes in the saddlebag. Fourteen of us from the company were assigned  the task of raking out hay onto a field for the morning. The idea was that the seeds from the hay would germinate and turn the scrubby-looking field into a meadow. It was a good day fior it – warm but not too sunny. We had over 70 bales of hay to unwrap and spread out, and didn’t quite manage to get all them done in the time allowed, although we did a pretty good job. Another group were coming later in the week to finish the job off apparently.

After lunch the time was ours, so I picked up one of the walk leaflets and took myself off around Wittenham Clumps following the route and taking a few pictures. My ankle was getting pretty sore after all this time on my feet, so I had a fairly relaxed ride home at the end of the day.

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