Birthday – Farnborough Airshow

We took the day off work, it’s my birthday. 46 years old, man!

After a lazy start and opening my presents and cards we drove over to the Farnborough Airshow. Jules had got us complimentary tickets for the trade day from her step-dad who’s the top guy at Reaction Engines. We wandered/hobbled around the stalls and looked at all the impressive aircraft on show. There was some amazing engineering in the exhibition halls, including a full-size titanium CNC machine, working away. If you’re into CNC engineered components, this is the place to go!

After our picnic we settled down in the afternoon to watch the displays. Although the little fighter craft are impressive, the best stuff is seeing what improbable things the pilots can make the large transport aircraft and the Airbus do. We saw one transporter do a loop-the-loop! There was also one amazing display from a guy in a little single seat propeller-driven plane, I think he was some sort of acrobatics champion.

The display finished off with a flight from XH558, the last Vulcan bomber. Very very loud and graceful. The Red Arrows were doing their stuff as we made our way back to the car.


We went out for a meal at the Black Boy, Headington, in the evening, which was very good indeed. Don’t know why we’ve not been before, and then headed home to watch The Big Lebowski for the millionth time. A great way to end the day.