Rest day in Nurenberg

We had a late-ish start to the day. Jules went out for a 40-minute run (I was envious!), and then we did a walking tour of the town from the Lonely Planet guide.  I was very slow on my feet – my ankle had ballooned up overnight and was very stiff and sore, and my achilles and the opposite quad was also in trouble – but it was nice to get out and about and have a good look around. There were quite a few triathletes about, proudly wearing their Roth finisher T-shirts.

We had an ice-cream and did a bit of shopping on our way round, gifts for friends back home. In the afternoon we came across a jazz band practicing for an evening gig, so we stopped by for a wheat beer and a listen, making a note to come back later.

In the evening we went out for a few more beers and sausage meal in a really “touristy” restaurant (the area is famous for its sausages), we headed over to to listen to the last half hour of the jazz gig before calling it a night.