Cycle 12km + Roth registration

AM. Cycle ~12km/25min, steady, HR110(130)

After a fitful night’s sleep – our room was very warm, there was plenty of noise out in the street, and a passing thunderstorm at 1 am didn’t help – we got up and while Jules went out for a half-hour jog I set up my bike on the turbo in the hotel’s underground car park. It was very warm and airless there and after about 7 minutes I’d had enough and headed out the door for a spin around the streets. Being in the city centre though, there were loads of traffic lights and junctions and it was impossible to make any progress, so I headed back to the turbo once more for another 10 minutes.

After breakfast I made up my bottles and bento box and packed my running gear up and we headed over to Roth for registration.  Initially we got a bit lost and ended up at the junior triathlon but after a bit of back-tracking found the main event. I registered, picked up my transition bags and over a pint of alcohol-free lager I looked throught he freebies. As well as the usual leaflets, gels and other handouts I got a backpack – very nice, and useful as my old one is starting to fall apart a bit.

Alcohol free!
We wandered around the stalls and I picked up a Challenge Roth polo shirt (from last year – half price – and a better colour than this year’s I thought) and some garish speedos and from another supplier an orange running vest for Euro 10. It would have been possible to buy anything for the next day from these stalls, if you’d forgotten anything, from energy gels and googles to an entire bike, frame, or groupset. I saw a Polar HRM stand, and there was a technician at the back there doing repairs while-you-wait! We had a Challenge Roth coffee, lounging in the Challenge Roth deckchairs, and after a sausage sandwich and a quick admire of the new endless pool on display (the input/output stream runs the entire width of the pool – a much improved design, see, drove over to Hilpolstein for T1 and bike racking.

Polar_stall LD-pool

Parking was a bit random here, but we found a space and after checking my bike over I got it racked fairly quickly. I left the bottles on it, although it looked as though most people were waiting to do that the following morning. I don’t think I needed to swap my inner-tubes either, as we were going to be allowed some final bike-tweaking on Sunday morning. I left my number belt and helmet dangling from the handlebars (I’d elected to use a standard, non-aero helmet as it had been very hot and I didn’t want to boil my head before the run). There was plenty of bike bling in T1 – I saw hoardes of Cervelo P2 and P3, and four or five Planet-X Exocet, they look very cool in the flesh. I also saw a few pairs of Citec wheels – I like these, they’re one of the few manufacturers still making 12-spoke (and in some cases, 10-spoke!) deep-section front wheels

Queing for bike racking

I covered my bike with the plastic bag they give you and we escaped T1 just before the racking queues got mega-long and headed back to Nurenberg at about 4:30pm – it had taken almost all day.

After an ice cream (the ice cream parlours in Nurenberg were fantastic!) and hour or so’s siesta we headed out to the Aldstadt and found a nice Italian restuarant “Ristorante Cucina Italiana” nearby. We got a smallish three-course meal for just over Euro 21. We thought that would be each, but it was 21 between us! I washed it down with some more “alkoholfrei” Erdinger and we headed back to the IBIS for an earlyish night.