Travel to Nurenberg

Rest day – travelling to Nurenberg.

My alarm went off at 3.10 am, and after a quick cuppa we piled into the car for the drive to Dover. It had rained overnight and there was still a bit of dampness in the air about as we steamed down the motorways. Despite the previous day’s weather warnings and high winds the ferry ride was straightforward. It was the first time Jules had been on a cross-channel ferry since a school trip!

Over into France, and the weather quickly started to cheer up, although it was still windy. We stopped a couple of times on the way, the second a more lengthy stop for a coffee and a bun. It was got very hot in the afternon, but we were making good progress and the car was going OK at a steady +130km/h. I was slowly sipping my way through a 750ml bottle of cramp-preventing tonic water which didn’t taste so nice once it was warm. All our chocolate supplies melted and had to be dumped later, but we had some of Jules’ home made oatmeal and raisin cookies to keep us going.

We hit the Frankfurt autobahn at about 5pm on a Friday evening – plenty of traffic. There were also a whole series of contraflows along this section and we had to do several sudden stops from top speed to spend large amounts of time stationary or crawling along. It was torture in the heat (the air-conditioning on my lovely cheapo Mondeo probably ceased to work many years ago), and our ETA spun out from 5.30pm to nearly 7pm. It was great to roll into Nurenburg, check into our IBIS hotel and get showered and changed.

I ditched any plans to spin my legs out on the turbo (if I had been able to run, I’d have done that) – the journey had been exhausting and it was still boiling hot at 7pm. My left ankle was very sore from being stuck in the car all day and I was limping a bit on it – not a good look with an Ironman only 36 hours away. We headed out for a cold lager and a few slices of takeaway pizza in the street.