Club 10-mile TT

PM. Cycle 49km, inc. Didcot Phoenix club 10-mile TT, Course HCC118 (Stadhampton)

w/u 21km
10 miles: 22:55, HR160(167)
w/d 12½km

1st place [Results]

Rode out for the evening 10 at Stadhampton to see how my ankle feels with some hard effort through it on the bike, and to make sure there were no problems with the bottom bracket I fitted the other day.

A nice warm, still evening, perfect for fast times, and although the course is as rough as ever in places, I’ve ridden enough intervals there this year to know where the better lines are. It still doesn’t help though – there were a couple of places on the way back from the turn where I had both wheels off the ground! Just riding in a cotton cap + skinsuit and no other aero aids, I didn’t even bother to take my bottle cage off. Very pleased with the result (and no aches from my ankle), although the fastest DPCC riders hadn’t showed up. That’s my fastest time on Stadders since 2003 (I think I’ve also done a 22:57 on there in the Ben Owen 10 a couple of years ago).

Good to watch Mark Cavendish get a win in the TdF coverage when I got back home.