Corinium CC 25-mile TT

AM. Trike 55km, inc. Corinium CC 25-mile TT, Course U46/25B

w/u 8km
25 miles: 57:27 (26.110mph/42.022km/h), HR161(166)
w/d 7km

New club record

An early start for us, a 4:30am alarm call, and we were off to the Ashton Keynes HQ. It was a brilliant morning – just a  little mist and no wind. I was off no. 1 in the field, so I got the best of the morning, and made the most of it, cruising as much as I could and saving my effort for the final 10 miles. I saw some un-trike-like speeds out on the dual carriageway, often riding at a steady 43-44km/h. Coming back up the last straight I was starting to die a bit and the timekeeper couldn’t come quickly enough. I was very pleased to have knocked another 3 minutes off the club record I set on Wednesday evening.

After a few cups of tea and some cake, we drove down to Devon for my younger brother’s 60th birthday celebration, stopping off on the way for a wander around Bovey Tracey and pastie. Despite the amount of training I’ve done lately my legs ached for the rest of the day.