Swim 4000m + Club 25m TT

AM. Swim 4000m, steady

Swimming pool at bathtub temperature this morning, not comfortable!

PM. Trike 88km, inc. club 25 mile TT, Course H25/17S, hard

27km w/u
25 miles: 1:00:49 (24.664mph/39.693km/h), HR155(165)
21km w/d

New club trike record

Rode out to the event on my trike, no aero gubbins today as this was only “training”, so for the TT I had spoked wheels, left my bottle cages on and was only wearing a cloth cap. When I got to the meeting point, everyone was standing about waiting for someone to sign on as no. 1. I needed to get away reasonably sharpish, so I took that number. My trike was jumping about a bit in the lower sprockets – 19 and 21. I need to get that sorted out – I think it’s the rear mech alignment –  but hopefully I wouldn’t be needing them too much this evening.

My legs felt wooden off the start from yesterday’s 20-mile run, but I had a good ride – it was nice to be chased by faster riders. Coming back from the turn with whatever breeze there was behind me, I stepped on the gas so I wouldn’t be caught by Mat Rowley, no. 4, before the finish. Round the last roundabout I realised I had a chance to knock another few seconds off the club trike record and gave it some stick to the finish. I wanted to push off home quickly, so I gave my number to Mat and left before the results sheet was back at the meeting point. Until I see a results sheet my time is only provisional, off my HRM.

Pretty good to have done such a quick time after yesterday’s long run, very happy with that.