ECCA 100-mile TT

AM. Trike 171km, inc. ECCA 100-mile TT Course E2/100c

w/u 3½km
100 miles: 4:21:33 (22.940mph/36.919km/h), HR152(160).
 w/d 5½km

Splits: 2:06:10/2:15:23

The heat and joyriders and a helicopter overhead at midnight made for a fitfull night’s sleep before my 2:30am alarm call – the earliest of the year. After my usual coffee and jammy toast breakfast I was out the door and driving to Sawston for the event. A modified version of the course was being tried out, and it looked faster than the old one.

After a cursory warm up, just to check my gears and so on, I was off at 5:24am. It was pleasantly warm in just a short-sleeved skinsuit even at that time of the day. Once we were over the first 10-mile loop and out onto the dual carriageway I settled into a comfortable rhythm, careful not to overcook it early on, although I was very conscious of how tired my legs were from the previous few week’s efforts – I’d had no taper at all.

 Red Lodge, end of the first lap at about 34 miles

I got round the first lap (54 miles) in not too bad shape, managed to drop a bottle out of the cages behind my saddle hitting a catseye, but the marshal there ran and picked it up for me. There wasn’t much drink left in it when I got it back! Back up the dual carriageway for the second time, I was still feeling OK and keeping the pace up although I was starting to find it difficult to drink – I was getting a bit of carbo-bloat – and my back was getting very sore, affecting my ability to push hard on the pedals.

After the last turn at Red Lodge I seemed to be lacking any energy to accelerate back down the slip road and I could feel my pace slipping away. It was getting quite warm and I was sweating quite a bit under my aero hat. I was OK rolling on the flat but the slightest gradient was slowing me down. The last rolling 10 miles were hard work and I just about managed to lift the pace for the final mile to the timekeeper. I think I managed about 29 minutes for those last 10 miles – not good. I’d been on course for about 4:17 at 80 miles, but I was still happy with my 4:21 new club record.

 Last climb, 3 miles to go

I freewheeled across the line and headed for the verge where I got off my trike and laid down on the grass to die! Jon Shubert finished shortly after me and had the same reaction, collapsing on the grass next to me. I was shaking and sweating and felt sick, and it wasn’t until I’d thrown up that I started to feel like I could make my way back to the HQ. Jon’s helpers took my aero hat back for me.

It took me over an hour of drinking tea and water before I felt able to drive home, but even then I only managed 25 miles to the first services on the M11 before I had to stop again as I was starting to feel sick. I had another half-hour rest and then got on with the rest of the drive home. I had an hour for a shower and bought some salty crisps to eat whilst watching England getting knocked out of the world cup by Germany (again). Couldn’t face a beer!

I’ve done 21:50 hours for the week: run 64km, cycled 432km, swum 6800m and erged 10km. Plenty enough.