Run 13½km + cycle 45km + Roth plans

AM. Run 13½km/1:07 easy, HR135(147)

Woke up very tired and both with ankles very sore  – especially the right one I’ve whacked – and whilst sipping my morning tea, doubted my ability to get out the door for my planned run. I needed to do some more miles though and somehow managed to convince myself I’d be OK to do an easy 40 minutes. Once I’d plodded my way through the first 10, realised I’d be able to do an hour.

PM. Cycle 45km, steady, Benson, HR113(135)

Benson triangle lap: 27.9km/54:58 (30.4km/h)

Feeling pretty tired, so rather than do anything constructive (some intervals, or maybe take my trike out for a spin), I just rode a steady lap of the Benson triangle. My ankles didn’t feel so bad, but I had taken a couple of ibuprofen through the day.

Roth Ironman news
Orange swim hat. There’s some more info about registration and so on on the Challenge Roth website today. I’ve found that my wave has … wait for it …  orange swim hats. It’s an omen, I’m sure ;-).

Pete Jacobs. Also this week, Pete Jacobs, who’s an elite Australian competitor heading for Roth, summarised his week’s training (, and it got repeated on Triathlete’s World. He tweets quite a few of his training sessions, so it’s always a good feed to follow. Swim: 13km, bike 370km, run 72km not so far off what I acheived; he did much more swimming, but then, it’s his strong point – almost always first out of the water – and he didn’t have shingles :-/ . I’m pretty pleased I nearly managed the same sort of distances as him, although being a pro and younger, he’ll have done them more quicly than me.

Roth 2009. Looking through last years results, I found the guy I beat in my age group at Bala Middle – Andy Collins. He must’ve been using Bala as a training race (as I’ve done this year), and finished at Roth in 9:45:00. His splits were 1:09:40/5:00:03/3:30:39, plus 2:54 + 1:45 in transition (link). He’s a worse swimmer than me, but very similar on the bike and run. That gives me a good idea of what I might achieve this year, and at the very least, some splits to aim for, something to tape to my top tube.