Club 10-mile TT – the “Ben Owen 10”

PM. Cycle 79km, inc. 10mile TT – “Ben Owen 10“, course H10/17R

To event + warm up: 35km
10 miles. 22:19 (26.886mph/43.268km/h) HR159(170)
Home: 28km

A nice, if breezy evening for this evening’s Ben Owen 10, a charity team time trial for the the Leukaemia Research fund. I felt like I had a good race, I don’t often ride my TT bike in a straight-out time trial these days, it’s usually triathlons or I’m on my trike. It was slightly harder to the turn into the breeze, but very quick on the way back and I made sure I left enough in the tank to be able to take advantage of the tailwind home stretch. I think that’s my fastest time on this course – I’ve often struggled to go quickly on there.

I left a tenner in the collection box for the charity, had a flapjack and started off on my ride home (I’d remembered to bring some lights, unlike last night) before the second half of the field had finished, and hopefully Oxford City will have done a good cumulative time for the team prize. The breeze was dropping as the sun set, so the later riders in the event will have had the best of the conditions.