Erg 9km (inc. CTC) + cycle 38km + shingles

AM. Erg 9km inc. CTC 5 x 5 min (2 min rec.), brisk. HR130(159)

1km w/u
5 min/1325m _ (1:53.2) _ r24 _ HR136(145)
5 min/1329m _ (1:52.8) _ r24 _ HR139(148)
5 min/1329m _ (1:52.9) _ r24 _ HR141(150)
5 min/1328m _ (1:52.9) _ r23 _ HR144(152)
5 min/1350m _ (1:51.1) _ r25 _ HR148(159) Total = 6661m (1:52.6 average)
1½km w/d

PM. Cycle 38km, steady easy HR112(143)

I was woken early in the morning by the pain from my rash, but finally got out of bed at 6:30am to have a go at this month’s cross-team challenge (CTC). Just a steadyish first attempt, fuelled only by a cup of sweet tea. I think that most people are managing this challenge at something around their best 5km pace, which is 1:49-1:50 for me, so I’ll probably have another go later in the month if I can fit one in.

Did an easy ride around the short Otmoor road race/chaingang lap after work on my training bike (it looked like it might rain). My shingles had been painful and sore all afternoon, I didn’t feel like pushing on.

I went to the doctors in the morning, he confirmed what I suspected – I have shingles. Likely to have been brought on with the lowering of my immune system due to the large volume of training I’ve been doing lately. It’s past the the treatable stage, and I’ve got another week of it before symptoms start to subside. I’m not allowed to go pool swimming while it’s still active as I’ll give chickenpox to anyone that’s not already had it, but lake swimming should be fine. Other than that he didn’t suggest any other precautions – take pain killers for the pain, don’t put anything on the rash, no need to ease up on the training – and it’ll take care of itself. Oh well, as an endurance athlete I’m used to a bit of long-term discomfort!