Swim 4000m + Brick: cycle 71km+run 5½km

AM. Swim 4000m/65, steady

Nice quiet pool, I tested out my new Blue Seventy Element googles, bought as spares at this year’s TCR show. I’ve already been using a pair – they’re a really good fit on my face – but it’s nice to know the other ones are OK. They’re white, with orange mirrored lenses, very flash. The old ones are just plain grey and I can see them being relegated to my reserve pair very quickly ;-)

PM. Brick: Cycle 71km, hilly, brisk, HR130(161), ascent 730m
+ Run 5½km/24, brisk, HR153(161)

Took the afternoon off work and headed out for a lap of Danny Axford’s hilly Brill circuit from The Comic [map of lap here http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2376220]. Didn’t go flat out, it was too hot for that. Stupidly, I missed out the straight on at Chearsley, and followed the usual race circuit here, turning left. I realised I’d gone wrong at the top of the next climb, but never mind – it’d meant I missed one more climb and a few hundred metres off the lap. I got round in 1:36:50, but it won’t count for records because of that mistake.

Fairly knackered when I rolled back home, but I decided to tack a short transition run onto the end of the session. (I’m a triathlete now, so everything’s transitional!) Heading out the door into the heat in just my bibshorts (fashion disaster, but what do I care?), I managed a reasonable 5½km, but I was a ball of sweat by the time I got back home. It took about half an hour of sitting around drinking water before I felt even vaguely normal.

Sat about for a bit after that until Jules came home, then I did a bit of bike washing, followed by going out to the Horspath road to mark out 100m intervals in car aerosol paint on the side of the cycle path for some interval training later in the season. Is that sort of thing illegal? I’ve no idea, but most of the running races I do seem to have mile markers aerosolled on to the road.