Cycle 37km + run 11km (Mota-vation race 2)

PM. Cycle 37km to race and back, easy, HR108(139)

Run. 11km, inc. Mota-vation race 2, Bletchingdon

3km w/u
4 miles 451 yds (6.85km)/26:28 (6:13 min/mi), HR 162(172)
Mile splits: 5:52/6:12/6:20/6:23 + 1:41
1km w/d


Failed to wake up to my alarm this morning for a swim, but had a nice warm, sunny ride out to Bletchingdon for this evening’s midweek Mota-vation race. I was trying out my OxTri trisuit again, and some new racing flats I’d picked up at a running shoes sale at the Watford ½ marathon. Got some hot feet as a result, but they’ll be OK in a day.

I had a decent warm-up, and then we were off. The first mile was as fast as ever (it’s slightly downhill), and I let the fast group get away. I had a good, evenly paced run and although I sometimes felt like I was close to my limit, managed to hardly drop the pace at all up the hills through miles 3 and 4. I think I beat a few of the guys I’m normally just hanging on to the coat-tails of in these races, so that’s a good result for me. Half a minute faster than last year, and I’m still a kilo heavier than I was then. I’m hoping I can drop just a little more weight before going to Bala in 10 days time, make that final ½-marathon run a little easier.