Herts Wheelers 30-mile TT

AM. Trike 65km, inc. Herts Wheelers 30-mile TT (course F1/30)

10km w/u
30 miles: 1:11:05 (25.322mph/40.752mph) HR168(174)
6km w/d

Results board:  

After yesterday’s effort I was pretty hyped up and excited about the weather conditions for this morning’s time trial on the F1 course. So much so that I was completely unable to get to sleep and just laid in bed for 6 hours waiting for my 5am alarm! I got up a couple of minutes before it was due to go off and went through the usual early-morning toast-and-coffee ritual, trying to persuade myself I wasn’t completely knackered.

By the time I’d driven to Tempsford Memorial Hall and then been out for a bit of a warm up I was really looking forward to getting out there. Conditions didn’t disappoint: it was warm and still, and only the merest hint of a southerly breeze to fight against from the last turn back to the finish. I was feeling the soreness in my legs from yesterday, so had to pace out the first 15-20 miles quite carefully, only really going strong for the last 10 miles. Without yesterday’s 10 in my legs I’d have been able to hammer those last few drags back to the Black Cat Roundabout a bit harder, but I was still very pleased to knock 2½ minutes off my trike PB (and club record). Only 40 seconds or so off a VTTA age record (but a miss is as good as a  mile there).

[EDIT: looking back at this a couple of days later, I realise I am a klutz, and I actually beat the VTTA age record by 9 seconds, according to this list or this list, on the VTTA website. Better send my claim form off!]

Very hot by the time I’d got back home. I washed the trike and faffed about in the shade all afternoon. Would like to have gone for a run in the evening, but it was still too hot.