Sotonia CC 10-mile TT

PM. Trike 34km, inc. Sotonia CC “Middlemarkers” 10, course P613

11km w/u
10 miles: 23:03 (26.030mph/41.892km/h) HR 171(179)
7km w/d

[Results webpage. I was 5th overall!]

Had a nice lie-in, then packed the trike up for a trip to Andover for this “middlemarkers” (noone faster than 23 minutes on their entry form, I think) 10-mile TT. In complete contrast to my recent racing, it was very hot, so I did a very limited “warm-up”, just pottering about for 30 minutes to get my legs going.

Once I was out on the course, it was apparent that it was going to be hard to the turn. I tried to give it as much stick as I could whilst hopefully saving a little for the return journey. I got to the middle of the bridge on the turn in 13:32, and then enjoyed the ride back to the finish with the wind behind (just hanging on for dear life, really). I’d caught my 1, 2, 3 and 4-minute men, so I knew I’d done a good time, and I was close to throwing up after I’d braked to a halt. I’d knocked half a minute off my club record from last year, and there is clearly a little more to come on a better day. Geoff Booker (Oxonian CC) has still gone nearly half a minute quicker on this course (22:39) – that’s got to be my next target.

Had a very sore throat driving home – it had been hot and dry.