Tricycle Association/Charlotteville CC 50-mile TT

AM. Trike 92km, inc. Tricycle Association/Charlotteville CC 50-mile TT.

8km w/u
50 miles: 2:11:29 (22.817mph), HR149(163)
3km w/d

25 mile splits: 1:03:50/1:07:39

Another very cold morning. I struggled to get warmed up, with two base layers under my skinsuit, leg warmers and my winter gloves on. Starting scratch in the trike field, I did a reasonable first 25 miles, catching all the trikes in front of me, but I was getting colder and colder and my back was playing up and I had to take it easier for the second half, freewheeling to stretch my back every so often. We had a few drops of drizzle to add to the discomfort and I was very glad to be across the finish line and rolling back to the HQ for a cup of tea.

I struggled to get warm the rest of the day, and spent most of the afternoon asleep on the sofa. If I didn’t know better, I’d say I’ve got a bit of a cold coming on.