Swim 3200m + cycle 36km + Mota-vation race 1

AM. Swim 3200m/52, steady

A plod, tired after last night’s 2×10 mile effort. Didn’t sleep well, always a sign I’ve been training hard.

PM. Cycle 36km to race and back, easy, HR108(141)

PM. Run 10km, inc. Mota-vation Race 1 (http://www.kidlingtonrunning.org.uk/mota_race_info.php?r=U6EN38EBAG&year=2010&racenumber=1)

2km w/u
4miles 168yds: 25:50 (6:18min/miles) HR 158(162). Mile splits 6:26, 5:57, 6:24, 7:01 (1.1 mile = 6:25/mile)
1½km w/d

[EDIT: results Linky ]

After voting in today’s elections, I cycled over to Charlton-on-Otmoor for this evening’s Mota-vation race. It was cold, and I was feeling lethargic on the ride over. I got changed, pinned my number on and found myself with 10 minutes to spare before going out for a warm up jog. Sitting down in the club house, I could quite easily have had a snooze, rather than running in a race. However, I strapped up my dodgy right thigh and got out for a few laps of the field for a warm up and lined up for the start.

Off the start, I was running hard but felt I was striding out rather than racing hard – the previous day’s efforts had killed my “top end” speed. I still had a good race, alhough it was a bit one-paced. Finished about a minute slower than last year.

Had a very steady ride back home again. I was caught by a guy out training on Otmoor who recognised me – knew I’d had a bad break in my arm from road racing (in 2003!). I had no idea who he was, although I vaguely recognised him and it was good to have someone to chat to on my way home – we swapped a few road racing stories. We parted company at Green Road roundabout, and I stopped off at my corner shop for a few beers to drink later whilst watching the election night coverage.