Alpha RC LVRC road race

Cycle 64km, inc. Alpha RC LVRC road race (51.3km)

10km w/u
51.3km/1:24 (36.3km/h) HR150(173)
2km w/d

Did an LVRC road race over at the Cranfield circuit (“Tricky’s Triangle” as it was know a few years ago when there was a whole Saturday race series on it. Route: I saw John Jenkins (OCRC), Geoff Moseley (OCRC) and Geoff Booker (Oxonian CC)  at the race HQ. We had 14 laps of the triangle for the ABC vets (age 40-54). For the first three laps there was a fair bit of jumping around. I got in a couple of moves but they went nowhere, apart from one guy who got off the front and as far as I know, stayed away for the rest of the race! (Unless one of the late breakaway groups caught him.). Then lap 4 was a bit of an easy one as everyone took a breather. I went with the next move, but it was the one after that that looked like it might “stick”. With what little energy I had left from my previous move, I just about made it across with a couple of other guys at the end of lap 7. That made a front group of about 12 or 13. They weren’t hanging around, and the very next time over the top of the climb while I (and the two guys I’d bridged across with) were still catching our breath and hoping for a bit more of a rest, they went again and six of them got away, leaving about seven of us to chase. The remainder of the race stayed like that – one (as far as I know) out front, then six chasing, then “my” group, then the bunch some way behind. I had a dig in the sprint, but to no avail – a couple of the others from my group got by. It’d been an enjoyable race though.

After I’d packed the bike away and driven home, it was time to go back to Jules’ mum’s old house to patch up the ceiling with artex. That took a just over and hour and then I could go home and relax.